About IMT


Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT) is a private, non-profit organization that serves a public purpose.

Founded on December 11, 1961 in São Paulo, Brazil, the IMT maintains a Centro Universitário/University Center* and a Research and Testing Center in two different campuses: São Paulo and São Caetano do Sul.

Covering an area of 130,000 square meters, the São Caetano do Sul Campus is located at 1 Praça Mauá - approximately 12 kilometers from São Paulo city center - and serves as the headquarters for both the University Center and the Research Center.

The University Center offers undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Design and Engineering, as well as various graduate programs in the same disciplines.

São Paulo campus also offers several graduate programs in Business and Project Management and Engineering.


Our faculty consists of around 350 professors - 47% of them holding a PhD, 48% holding a Master degree, and 5% are subject-matter experts.

The University Center supports its faculty members in postgraduate and research programs in Brazil and abroad. We have agreements in place with national and international Higher Education Institutions to develop scientific and technological research activities.

* University Center (Centro Universitário)" is a credential given by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) to Higher Education Institutions that offer courses and research programs in multiple areas of knowledge and are characterized by: the excellence of the teaching provided, a faculty with higher level qualifications  and leading academic work and research - according to the standards established by the Ministry of Education.


To promote excellence in Teaching, Research and Extension, leading its community to entrepreneurial and innovative actions, providing opportunities for its members to lead their professional and personal development, and positively impacting society.


Being the first choice for students due to the integration of areas of knowledge into a learning environment and career opportunities known for their excellent preparation for innovation and the global marketplace.


Meritocracy - Being Fair and Correct with People:
Being fair and correct valuing our employees, through recognition and reward.

Cooperation - Supporting our Communities:
Sharing time, talent, energy and resources to worthwhile causes in society.

Effectiveness - Being Effective in actions:
Putting actions into practice and evidencing results.

Teaching & Research - Being the best option for Students:
Providing students and professionals with the best opportunities for their personal, professional and social development.

Results - Financial and academic sustainability:
Obtain results towards academic and economic-financial sustainability of the Institution

Relationship - Building strong relationships:
Build and permanently maintain relationships based on strict ethical principles with the internal community and society.

Entrepreneurship - The entrepreneurial spirit:
Create and maintain an environment with entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging professors, researchers, employees and students to spread knowledge and technology to society.

Respect - Respect for all people and the environment:
Allowing an environment of mutual respect, free from discrimination and harassment, for all members of the Mauá community, as well as ensuring ideal working conditions and environmental preservation.